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Mesotherapy is a popular, safe & natural alternative to many other chemical & highly-invasive restoration methods.

Mesotherapy is a direct & high effective process that involves the introduction of vital nutrients & rejuvenating peptides right in the balding & malnourished parts of your scalp. It provides your hair-follicles with just the right amount of stimulation & pump to kickstart hair growth. The added benefits of Mesotherapy include faster cell metabolism in the scalp, removal of scalp infections & reduced DHT saturation. A healthy scalp grows voluminous, strong & thick hair that you would be proud to flaunt.

How mesotherapy works?

Vital nutrients & rejuvenating peptides are micro-injected right around your weak hair follicles to  boost cellular activity back to healthy levels. Serum is delivered into the scalp through a Meso gun, derma roller or microinjections. It provides your hair follicles with just the right amount of  stimulation & pump to kickstart hair growth.

No. of sittings required:

one sitting every week for 6 -10 weeks for best results. No. of Sessions varies according to clients condition. It works perfectly for androgenic alopecia, telogen even androgenic areata