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Being able to carry a short skirt or a dress elegantly, is something that almost every woman dreams of. Two of the most common issues women generally face are cellulite &  loose skin. 
Loose skin occurs when skin loses its elasticity as we age or due to dramatic weight loss and is generally accompanied by stretch marks.
Cellulite is created by fat deposits underneath the skin which become inflamed & press against one another thus giving it a lumpy & uneven texture. 
It is estimated that 4 out of 5 women in the world, suffer from this condition. But why do we get this condition in the first place? Well, the reasons are many - a sedentary lifestyle, bad diet & eating habits, stress, hormonal ups & downs or due genetics. Also, cellulite is observed in gradual stages, right from a minor unevenness under your skin to the 'orange-peel' like final consistency. 
At Skin Studio Pure Elle, we provide you with finest & a time-tested Service for eliminating cellulite & tightening of your body.