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We are often the first ones to notice our own hair-loss. Whether on the pillows where we lay our head, during a shower or while we run a comb though our head - when we notice an alarming amount of hair fall, we all tend to panic.
It is natural for a person to lose some scalp hair every day. In fact, a count of 50 is considered normal! This happens because our hair grows in different phases:
Anagen Phase - When Active Growth occurs
Catagen Phase - A gradual regression in growth
Telogen Phase - Resting stage for the follicle

This is the main reason why shedding of hair is a normal process.
The problem occurs when your hair fall count goes up to 100 and you start noticing bald spots. Men & women both lose hair due to various hormonal, genetic & environment factors.

Here are some of the main reasons why men lose hair:
Androgenic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness
Androgenic Alopecia is quite common in men. It is caused when DHT - short for dihydrotestosterone, clogs up in blood capillaries that provide nourishment to hair follicles. The DHT creates a blockade that miniaturises the hair follicle, thus stopping hair growth altogether.
Androgenic areata & telogen effluvium are also conditions that can lead to massive hair loss!
Baldness in Women
Women too can suffer from female pattern baldness, due to hormonal imbalance, genetic factors or from the side-effects of medication.

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At Skin Studio Pure Elle, we take our time first to study and understand the reason & severity of your hair fall. Once that is done, we advise you on an array of Services and help you pick one that will give you the best results!