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Having a double chin can add years to age. There are numerous reasons that lead to the formation of a double chin. It can be due to genetics, excess weight or can also be triggered with age. The lower part of our face, i.e. just below our chin, is a naturally flat area. However, with age, the collagen in our skin weakens, thus resulting in the loss of tightness and suppleness. This gives way to saggy skin right underneath our jaw, which in turn, shows up as the double chin.  
The same part is also a place where our body stores fat. If we happen to gain a lot of weight, it shows up here. This is the second factor that gives way to the formation of the double chin. 
At Skin Studio Pure Elle, we provide you with a 100% non-invasive Service to tighten up your skin & give you a more contoured neckline! 
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