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What are Warts?
Warts are small lumps & elevated growths on your skin that are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. These can show up almost any part of your body and often show no symptom before appearing.
Also, there are several types of warts & skin tags, each different in severity & the area it shows up on.
Common Warts 
Just like their name, common warts are quite normal and affect a large number of people around the world. They can show up on the fingers, toes, neck, near the underarm area and have a grainy texture. They can cause slight discolouration as they have a colour that's different from your skin.
Plantar Warts
Plantar warts grow on the soles of the feet and can be quite painful to deal with because they often get pressed while walking. Their growth is inwards, and they do not pop out, thus making it more painful. 
Genital Warts
Genital Warts show up around the private parts in the form of small lumps & dots.
Filiform Warts
Filiform warts grow around the mouth, nose,  neck or even under the chin. They are usually small and have a flap-like shape. Also, their colour is the same colour as your skin.
Periungual Warts
Periungual Warts is the type that grows under your fingernails & toe-nails. They can make natural nail growth painful & uncomfortable. Also, their positioning makes them quite difficult to treat.
Flat Warts
Flat Warts can be seen growing on the thighs, arms or even the face. They're usually quite minute and can be easily scrapped. They're pink, brown or slightly yellowish.

What are Skin Tags?
A skin tag is an unusual growth or hangings from your skin that occurs with age, weight-loss/gain or skin friction. They're harmless and can be easily removed. You can notice skin tags on areas such as the neck, chest, groin, back or even in delicate places like eye-lids and earlobes.
They can disrupt your overall look and can hinder your natural body movement as well.

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