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Service for dark, thin lips and more!

Why tender lips are so important to us:
Our lips become the centre of attention when we speak and communicate. This is why many men & women are always conscious of what their lips look like & how they're shaped. There are many factors that can affect your lips and their appearance. From something as simple as drinking less water to smoking can change the colour & texture of your lips. 
Discolouration, darkening, wrinkle-formation on the lips are some of the common issues faced by many.
But that's not all, the lip shape & volume is also an issue that troubles many. Having a thin or an asymmetrical lip structure can chip away at your overall look. Sometimes, it's quite normal to think of adding more definition to your lips to enhance your overall natural look.
Perfect lips for the perfect smile
And let's not forget - your lips are the main pillars to your smile! If you feel that you have a toothy or a gummy smile, then with Skin Studio Pure Elle's lip augmentation, you can make your laughter & smiles more charming & radiant.
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