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Is your skin way too sensitive for your own good? Or can you visibly see broken blood vessels on your cheeks, nose or around your eyes? If you are suffering from the issues above, along with constant skin inflammation, excessive skin flush or acne-like pimples, then you may be suffering from Rosacea. 
Rosacea is usually mild & less severe in the beginning but if left unchecked, can become severe. In its severe stage, Rosacea can cause the swelling of sebaceous glands, enlarged pores, inflamed skin, rapid pimple formation and much more!
It leaves the skin with an undesirable look and feel and can often make the person way too conscious about their appearance, especially at a social event. 
Rosacea can be detected early-on, and its graduation to a severe stage can be prevented.
Skin Studio Pure Elle’s Skin Maintenance Program - the lightest touch and the best Services against Rosacea.