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Our skin has pores all over which help to control moisture levels, perspiration, oil and a lot more. Usually, pores are quite small and cannot be noticed that easily. However, due to many factors, these pores become enlarged and invite a world of trouble by clogging dirt, dead skin and oil.

What causes your pores to dilate?
Along with your diet & the environment, your genes greatly dictate the onset of dilated pores. Also, if you experience excessive sweating or oil secretion from your skin, it is natural for your pores to dilate. Exposure to the sun is another factor that can greatly affect your pores as well. UV rays harm the collagen under the skin thus putting more stress on the epidermis.
Take a closer look at your skin, in the mirror. It is not difficult to spot dilated pores after a closer look. If you spot them, it's best to get them treated right away.
At Skin Studio Pure Elle, we provide you with a plethora of options & Services against dilated pores that help in organically rejuvenating your skin.