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Say No to Waxing | Client Diaries

Every few weeks we need to run down to the salon to get waxing done. Or, even waste our time in shaving legs whenever you decide to go out in that pair of shorts. One of our clients, Saindhavi Das penned down her experience and shared with us.

I won’t be wrong in saying how many times I have given mini skirts and dresses a miss and preferred something else because of my unwaxed legs. I have always faced this inconvenience of removing body hair every few weeks, not to mention how painful waxing can get sometimes. So, I visited Skin Studio Pure Elle which offers Laser hair reduction in Chandigarh, with my mind full of doubts about the credibility of the place. I was pleasantly surprised by seeing the facilities and high-end technologies they use. I was given extensive counselling on my skin type. Their skilled dermatologists guided me throughout the process. After the counselling, I decided to opt for laser hair reduction.

The technician started the session first with shaving off the hair after marking the targeted area. Post shaving, she applied the gel to the targeted area on the legs. The gel allowed the laser probe to move easily on the skin. 

Here are my observations, after my first session of laser hair reduction and the reasons why you should opt for Skin Studio Pure Elle Laser Hair Reduction Service.

- It is a completely painless and very safe process which involves the usage of 3 wave laser diode having three most effective wavelengths which get rid of hair particles at all lengths. It gives absolutely minimum discomfort to the customers.

- You only need a maximum of six sessions to get the required results. From then on, maintenance sessions are only needed depending solely upon your hair growth pattern.

- The laser diode used in this process can work even on tanned skin. The entire process is carried out as well as supervised by trained dermatologists and skilled technicians who are utmost professionals.

- Before starting the technique, the skin expert discussed the pattern of my hair growth & made me understand the best practice for obtaining the best results. Then, a patch test was carried out for safety. This laser hair removal program is absolutely safe & has no side effects.

- After the sessions, I experienced softer and smoother skin with faded discoloration on the skin. There are very few ingrown hairs left.

- Unlike salons, the Clinic maintains high standards of hygiene.

I must say I am completely satisfied with the quality of service provided at Skin Studio Pure Elle. This laser Service means no more razor nicks or waxing stings on my skin anymore!

We at Skin Studio Pure Elle, the Best Skin Specialists in India, aim to provide the best Services to our clients. As far as laser hair reduction is concerned anyone, who wants to get rid of waxing every few weeks or razor nicks can always opt for this Service provided by us!